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Area from nationality: Malaysian. A vampire, assumed to be male, appearing as a cat and normally threatening children. The Bajang can be enslaved and turned into a demon servant and is often handed down from one generation to the next within a family. It is kept in a tabong (bamboo vessel), which is protected by various charms. While imprisoned it is fed with eggs and will turn on its owner if not enough food is provided. The master of such a demon can send it out to inflict harm on his/her enemy, the enemy usually dying soon after of a mysterious disease. According to traditions the Bajang came from the body of a stillborn child, coaxed out of it by various incantations.



A vampire of the Philippines, believed always to be a beautiful female by day and a fearsome flying fiend by night. The Aswang can live a normal life during daylight hours. At night however the creature is led to the houses of its victims by night birds called Kikik or Kakak.

Its nourishment is always blood, and it feeds using a long hollow thing tongue inserted through the cracks in the roofs of it’s prey’s houses. An aswang prefers to feed on children, but not those who sleep on the edge of mats. It always preys on those who sleep in the middle and supposedly announces this as it enters the abode.

The creature is recognized by its swollen form after feeding, it looks almost pregnant. Dawn marks the return of the aswang to it’s human form, possibly because of the sun or because it washes itself clean of the special ointment it uses each night to acquire it’s powers. If the Aswang licks a persons shadow it is believed that the person will die soon afterwards. It believed to be very unlucky to see the aswang under a house. Garlic rubbed under the armpits acts as a repellant.



A Vampire found in Africa known among the Ashanti of southern Ghana and by people in areas of the Ivory Coast and Togo. The Asanbosam is believed to reside in deep forests, most often encountered there by hunters.

It is of general human shape, with two exceptions: its teeth are made out of iron and its leg have hook like appendages. Anyone walking by the tree in which it resides will be scooped up and killed. There are male, female, and small asanbosams.



German. A Vampiric spirit associated with the bogeyman and the incubus, normally tormenting the nights and dreams of women. The creature’s physical manifestations can be very dangerous. Long connected with the nightmare, the alp is considered male, sometimes the spirit of a recently deceased relative, most often an actual demon. Children can become an Alp when a mother uses a horse collar to ease childbirth.

During the middle ages the alp was said to appear as a cat, pig, bird or other animal, including a lecherous demon dog scene in Cologne, thus linking the werewolf in with this legend. In all its manifestations the Alp is known to wear a hat. The spirit can fly like a bird, can ride like a horse and is credited with a certain gallant attitude, rarely forcing itself on its prey. Entry is made through the victims mouth, with the alp either using it’s tongue, becoming a mist that enters, or turning into a snake. Misery generally follows such occupation, as sexual relations with the monster are said to be terrible. The alp drinks blood from the nipples f men and children but especially enjoys the taste of woman’s milk and that of cows.

Because it is so involved in terrors of the mind and sleep the alp is virtually impossible to kill. There are however a number of methods available for protection and control. Woman are told to sleep with their shoes at the side of  their bed, with the toes pointing towards the door. The alp is very protective of it’s hat. The alp must also safeguard it’s eye, for in that orb resides its means to torment the sleep of a victim, an attribute steeped in the traditions of the “evil eye”.