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The Doppelsauger (also known as the Dubbelsuger) is a vampire from Hannover, Germany. Doppelsauger means “doublesucker”, which refers to children who are weaned but they still continue to suck his mother’s breasts. This then causes the person to be a vampire after they die. Their lips are the only thing that remains undecayed. While they are in the grave they suck on their own breasts until there’s nothing left, then he feeds upon members of his family since they have a connection. The family members will lose weight at a rapid rate and die.

To prevent a Doppelsauger from occurring you can place a gold cross or gold coin between the corpse’s teeth or separate the head from the chest with a crescent-shaped board placed under the chin. Make sure the burial clothing is away from his mouth before he’s buried. After the funeral and the coffin is exited out the window, cover the window. He won’t be able to come back to the house, according to lore, the Doppelsauger returns to the house the same way that it left. Rebuilding and removing the window will prevent him from returning to the house. This, however, doesn’t stop the vampire from coming out of his grave. It can be stopped by digging him up and stabbing the back of his neck with a spade, it will then let out a very loud scream. After this, the attacks should cease.

Don’t get this vampire mixed up with the Doppelganger. They are very much different. Doppelsauger is German for “double sucker”. Consider it’s obsession with breasts, the name seems to fit.

He is believed to be the revenant of a child who sucked his mother’s breasts after being weaned onto solid food. If this particular type of child dies, they would consume the flesh from their breasts while in their graves. Then it preys a member of their family, draining the life from them and eats their breasts.

There are certain preventative measures you can take. Place a coin between the teeth of the corpse. Place a semi-circular board under the chin of the corpse. Then, make sure the burial garments are as far from the lips of the corpse as possible.



Area from/nationality: Ireland. A dreaded creature, whose name means “Red Blood Sucker.” An ancient vampire that dates back to Celtic times, it is still feared. The only way to curb its predations is to pile stones upon any grave suspected of housing such a beast. The most famous tale of the Dearg-due is the story of a beautiful woman supposedly buried in Waterford, in a small churchyard near Strongbows Tree. Several times a year she rises from her grave, using her stunning appearance to lure man to their doom.



Area from/nationality: Filipino. Vampire held to be very ancient as a species, responsible for having planted taro on the islands long ago. The Danag worked with humans for many years but the partnership ended one day when a woman cut her finger and a Danag sucked her wound, enjoying the taste so much that it drained her body completely of blood.



Area from/nationality: Aztec. A witch-vampire found among the Aztecs. Said to be a servant of various moon deities, and assumed to be noble women who died in childbirth. Children were there favorite victims, dying soon after attack of a wasting disease. These vampires were said to appear with white faces, their hands covered in white chalk, and with crossbones drawn on their clothing.



Area from/nationality: India. A vengeful ghostlike vampire, normally a woman that died while pregnant during the Dewali Festival. She is said to hate life with her greatest spite being kept for her relatives. The Churel is said to be vile in appearance, possessing pendant breasts, thick ugly lips, a black tongue and unkempt hair.



Area from/nationality: Oraons. A witch cable of turning her soul into a form of vampire cat. It is said that if the cat licks a persons lips that they will die soon after.