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Area from nationality: Brazilian. Vampire, believed to appear in the form of a snake, it feeds on the breast of a woman, doing this by pushing the child out of the way and silencing the child by pushing its tail into the child’s mouth.



Area from nationality: unconfirmed – European. Without doubt one of the most famous forms of vampires, the male form of the Succubus, the Incubus used to visit women at night, make love to them and torment their dreams. It posses all the characteristic properties of the vampire, with nightly visits to its victims, draining of life and strength and extreme sexual desire. Like vampires found among Gypsy and Slavic communities it can father children.



Area from nationality: Eastern Cape region of Africa A vampiric servant of a witch. It was usually passed down from mother to daughter and was used to inflict suffering on ones enemies. It was said to have an insatiable appetite and had to be continuously let feed, it also used to take the form of a handsome man and become a lover to its mistress.